About Us


Meet the Maker

Hey there:) Thanks for stopping by! If you made it to this page, you're probably looking to find out a little bit more about Rose of the Earth and the face behind it.

So this is me! My name is Brittney and I am the owner and maker and ___ (insert any roles you can come up with). It's a one woman show around here - although I do occasionally recruit my husband and kids for important things like sniff testing and flower foraging. We live in Western Montana, a place is equal parts beautiful and dramatic, and a huge part of the inspiration for what I do. When I'm not making, you can find me reading, gardening, sewing, crafting of any and all kinds, and of course, exploring and hanging out with my family.

About Our Products

I first fell in love with cold process soap almost a decade ago. I had been going through a severe bout of eczema/allergic rash when met a soap maker at a local market who had gone through similar issues and after the first bar, I was hooked! I was amazed at how much calmer my skin was and at what a gloriously luxurious experience handcrafted soap is (seriously, if you've somehow made it here without trying any, buy a bar right now - your life will be changed). Anyway, thus began my soap addiction. I knew I wanted to learn how to make it but was pretty intimidated. So I started slow, reeaaallly slow - like researching for years before ever making my first soap. But for the past few years, I have continued honing my skill and making all my own soap (plus plenty to share), as well as several other things such as lotion and lotion bars, bath soaks, lip balm, perfume rollers, candles, and anything else that I can dream up!

Over time, I have also learned what kinds of things I like and don't like in a soap. Some things that I love are using ingredients that I can grow or sustainably forage myself - things like flower petals, herbs, and tree resins. Its amazing the way that nature nourishes and provides for us, and I want to be able to share that. Along the same lines, I've also learned to love working with natural colorants such as clays and plant powders - although I'll occasionally sprinkle a soap with some mica or eco-glitter because I can’t resist a little sparkle here and there;) Another important thing for me are fragrances - I love a good scented bar of soap but not at the expense of safety. I use only fragrance oils that are clean, phthalate free, and Prop 65 compliant; plus some essential oils too. Another thing that you won't find here is palm oil. There is a lot of debate on the sustainability and ethics of harvesting it and I just don't feel right using it. I know that many people also have ethical conflicts with using animal products, so unless they explicitly state otherwise, you can assume that my products are plant based and vegan friendly, not to mention gluten free 100% of the time.